Monday, April 27, 2020

Our Top ASOS Loungewear Picks

In these times of quarantine and isolation at home, I'm sure we have all been reaching for our most comfortable items of clothing. During these uncertain times it's all too easy to fall into the trap of staying in your pyjamas, not brushing/washing your hair and sitting on the couch all day eating chocolate (believe me, I have done this!). However, whether you are working from home or not these past few weeks I have come to the realisation that it is so important to have a routine and to continue to take pride in yourself and your appearance.

Now, that being said, I certainly don't mean applying a full face of makeup every day and spending 30 minutes curling my hair for no one to see! (of course if you want to do that go for it!). What has been working for me is getting up at my usual work time, completing my morning skincare routine, having breakfast and then getting dressed into some comfortable clothes. I then feel prepared to start the working day in my office at the dining room table!

After week 1 of 'working from home' the realisation hit me that I had literally NO LOUNGE WEAR. Let me explain, I am an all or nothing kind of person. Either I'm the most overdressed person in the room or I'm at home in my pyjamas. Neither of those options were helpful in a quarantine/working from home situation! I needed some lounge wear and fast! ASOS to the rescue! I ordered a TON of pieces and thankfully they all fit well meaning that I did not have the worry of returning items in the current climate.

I've pulled together some of my favourite pieces from the current ASOS lounge wear collection, some of which I own and can vouch for and some I would like to own but as I've explained, I already have way too many pieces!

The Separates

Its great to have some separates that you an mix and match or throw the trousers on with a t-shirt if it gets too warm. Here are some of my favourites.

The Jumpsuit

You can't beat an all in one jumpsuit for comfort! I love a jumpsuit with an elasticated waist to give some shape and definition and still maintain the comfort level!

The Tie Dye Trend

Who would have thought that Tie Die would be making a come back in 2020! ASOS even have a trend setting selection of tie dye pieces to see you thorough isolation.

The Footwear

Even though you are in lock-down at home you can still have stylish feet! I love a pair of warm slippers and you can't beat a comfy pair of Birkenstock's or Vans for those moments when you have to step outside!

I hope that this post has helped to give you some ideas of how you can step outside of your lock-down pyjamas but remain comfortable at home! Whether you are in lock-down or working as part of the country's essential workforce. 

Take care and stay safe! 

Love Elle x   

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