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Holy Grail Products

Elle’s Picks

Since discovering this concealer on a trip to Ulta in 2013 I am unable to do without it as part of my daily make up routine.  As your eye area ages the last thing you need is a thick under eye concealer that gathers in fine lines and makes you look tired and older. That’s why I love this concealer. The formula is nice a light and it never creases or looks cakey on me. I know that some reviewers are not a fan of the sponge applicator but I rather like it as it helps the product to glide on easily and gives just the right amount of coverage. It is a daily make up must have for me!
I literally could talk for days about mascara! I am on a seemingly endless quest for the perfect mascara for my (short stubby) lashes. However while my search continues I am (almost) satisfied by the Max Factor Masterpiece. It has to be waterproof and it has to be black. The brush is not too thick and it disperses just the right amount of product. The product is a good consistency in that it is not too wet a formula and being waterproof it really holds a curl once I have used my Shu Eemura eyelash curlers (another holy grail product…) I recently purchased the Max Factor Masterpiece HD Waterproof to try and I will report back to you on how it compares to the original.
My addiction to lip balm is a joke in our family and I can safely say that in over 20 years my lips have never been free from some kind of lip balm, lipstick or lip product! My obsession with Lanolips is such that I actually have two on the go at any one time. I keep one on my bedside table and one in the living room next to my chair so that I have quick and easy access at all times! Lanolips is an Australian product with 100% pure Ultra Medical Grade Lanolin. It is a natural substance taken from freshly shorn sheep’s wool. That may sound weird but believe me, it makes for a wonderful product that melts onto your lips and keeps them hydrated for hours. Its great for those no make up days and it makes a fantastic travel companion, especially if you are flying long haul.
Mimi’s Picks
It's hard to believe that until a year or so ago I didn't even touch my brows!!!!! Now I can't leave the house without them preened! I am a sucker for hype so even though I was a brow virgin I thought I would give it a go. I have never looked back! I have tried all the "dupes" and honestly, nothing comes close to this product. I log straight onto Cult Beauty whenever I hear the dreaded winding click!!!! I love how easy this is to use, just twist up the pencil, use a light hand and brush out with the spool  end. The best part of this product is it does not move. EVER! I purchased this in Sephora whilst in Orlando and it's safe to say that if the brows can't be defeated by 100 degree heat they can tackle anything!
I bought this highlighter on a whim years ago when they released it as part of the Hayley Williams collection and it is still going strong. This is a beautiful soft icy highlighter which is often hard to find without looking chalky or glittery. Unlike my other favourite (MAC Soft and Gentle) this highlighter really can be worn any day and with any look. Try a quick sweep for a subtle glow or pack it on for an ultra glowy look! If this ever does run out (I've had it 2 years and there's barely a dent) I would be running to MAC to repurchase!
This was a hand me down from Elle who bought it and wasn't so keen. However, as someone with perpetually sad, chapped lips this is exactly what I crave. I mainly use this at night before I go to bed and in the morning just before I put my make up on. It is so thick and soothing on the lips and works great under lipstick. It has a very unusual scent almost like oranges which I love. This really helps me out if I want to wear a bold lip. I scrub my lips using the Lush lip scrub, lather this on and I’m good to go! 
What are your ‘Holy Grail’ products? We’d love to hear from you!

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In addition to offering our opinions and reviews on our favourite and not so favourite beauty products we also have a lot of exciting things to look forward to including moving home, a wedding and relocating to a different country! All of this meant that it was the perfect time for us to finally take the proverbial bull by the horns and start blogging!
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