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Instagram Worthy Spots at Universal Studios Orlando

Instagram Spots in Universal Studios
We are wrapping up our 'Most Instagram Worthy Spots' series of posts with our 10 Most Instagram Worthy Spots at Universal Studios, Orlando. If you have missed any of our previous posts I will link them for you here and here.

Universal Globe

Universal Globe
As you enter Universal Studios you must stop for the obligatory picture in front of the Universal Globe. Top tip! If you head to the back of the globe nearest to the water you will be able to avoid the camera crowds!

Mels Drive In

Mels Dine in Universal Flordia 
Mels Dine in Universal
Mels Dine in Universal
A perfect, made for Instagram spot, has to be Mel's Drive In. This traditional diner has a 1950's interior and classic cars parked outside!

Hollywood Door

Universal Studios Hollywood 
Universal Studios Florida
As you enter the park keep to your right. This will take you into the Hollywood area of the park where you can spend a few moments capturing a shot in front of this pretty pink and grey doorway.

Streets of Hollywood/Walk of Fame

Universal Studios Streets of Hollywood
 As you look down you will see stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Have some fun looking for your favourite star and grab a shot next to the street signs!

Sting Alley

Universal Studios Sting Alley

Universal Studios Sting Alley
Sting Alley is somewhat hidden but it connects the New York area to the San Francisco area of the park. It's usually pretty quiet in there and you will find some unique photo backdrops.

San Francisco/Chez Alcatraz

Universal Studios Chez Alcatraz
Since Jaws the Ride was closed to make way for Diagon Alley there is not much of the area left. You will, however, still find Bruce the Shark on the pier at Chez Alcatraz. If you're brave enough you can grab a classic shot with your head in his mouth!

Streets of New York

Universal Studios Streets of New York
Instagram Spots at Universal Studios

Instagram Spots at Universal Studios
The Streets of New York have so many amazing nooks and crannies for amazing photos! Spend some time having a stroll and take in the scenery. You will find a multitude of photo opportunities like the ones above.

New York Cab 

Instagram Spots at Universal Studios
 We can't resist a fake cab photo! We shot these on the New York housing street next to The Mummy ride. The street looks so authentic and we loved using it as the backdrop to our vintage shoot!

The Dark Room Camera Store

The Dark Room Universal Studios

The Dark Room was actually a real Los Angeles location and the giant camera exterior is a great photo opportunity.

Men In Black Control Room

Universal Studios Men in Black Control Room
Finally, we were lucky enough to enjoy a VIP Tour of Men in Black Alien Attack control room and you can bet we took advantage of the opportunity to capture a unique shot of Aimee and the Aliens! This is included as part of the Universal VIP Experience and is well worth it if you are looking for something very special to do.

We hope that you have enjoyed our Instagram Worthy Spots series! We've covered Walt Disney World, Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal Studios!

Let us know some of your favourites in the comments below and follow us on Instagram @elleandmimi and YouTube Elle and Mimi for lots of Orlando pictures and vlogs!

Be sure to let us know if you have any suggestions for more Orlando areas you would like to see featured in the comments below!

Love Elle and Mimi x    


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