Monday, October 01, 2018

Whats In My Theme Park Bag?

Since Aimee relocated to Orlando I have also been spending a lot more time there and tend to visit twice a year for up to six weeks. That being the case, I am also spending a lot more time in Orlando's many theme parks. I now feel that I now have determined exactly which items I need to carry with me for a day in the parks and thought I would share them with you! 

The bag I carry varies depending on the time of year and the outfit I am wearing but it is usually something fairly small that can be worn cross body or backpack style. I am currently switching between two different Michael Kors cross body bags and a small Longchamp backpack (this travels with me on Halloween Horror Nights trips. I need my hands free to run when I get scared!). Here's what I pack!

Tickets - first and foremost....don't forget your tickets! It's essential that you can actually get into the parks! (top tip: take a photo on your phone of your park tickets and those of the rest of your party just in case you lose one)

Coin Purse - I carry a small Longchamp coin purse for my loose change.

Cardholder - The card holder I use is one by Kate Spade that Aimee gifted to me a couple of years ago. You can pick up some great quality and relatively inexpensive card holders at the Kate Spade/Michael Kors outlets!

iPhone - I never go anywhere without my iPhone so I can keep up to date with Instagram stories!

Vlogging Camera - I use the Canon G7X to film all of my vlog footage and as a bonus it takes great photos too.

Spare Battery - The thought of running out of battery mid way through the day with no spare fills me with dread so I always carry at least one spare.

Memory Card - I also make sure that I always have a spare memory card with me just in case I run out of space.

Hand Sanitiser - Because I'm a germaphobe and theme parks are FULL of germs!

Makeup - Not essential by any means but I do like to be able to take the shine off my nose and pop a bit of lipstick on if the fancy takes me!

Painkillers - In case of a headache!

Plasters/Band Aids - There are first aid areas in the parks where you can get hold of a plaster should you need it but its good to have a couple in your bag just in case your shoes rub after all that walking.

Sun Tan Lotion/SPF Lip Balm - No one enjoys being sunburnt and to ensure that I can top my SPF up all day I like to pop a small sun tan lotion in my bag along with an SPF lip balm.

Face Cloth/Flannel - This might be my secret weapon when it comes to avoiding sweaty face syndrome in 90+ degree temperatures! I always carry a small towelling face cloth to mop myself with if the heat gets a bit too much. Gross I know!

Waterproof Jacket - If rain is forecast it's a great idea to take a shower proof jacket to avoid having to fork out for those pricey ponchos! Primark sell some great 'Parka in a Pocket' jackets for under £10 that literally fit inside of their own pocket!

Sunglasses - No one wants to spend the day squinting (think of the wrinkles!) so you need to pack those sunnies in your bag!

I like to think that I have every eventuality covered without having to carry the world in a giant, heavy backpack! 

Have I missed anything that you like to take to the parks? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love Elle x



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