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Universal Orlando Resort: Our Top Five Tips for your vacation!

Universal Orlando Resort Top Tips
Regular readers of ElleandMimi.com will know that we are frequent visitors to Universal Orlando Resort. So much so that we wanted to share with you our Top Five Tips for visiting the Universal parks. These are things we have learned based on mistakes we have made over the years. We hope some of them are able to help you! Here we go....

1. Do the water rides LAST: But seriously though, we cannot stress this enough. Take it from the girls who have had to walk around Universal for 5 hours wet through to their underwear! And does anyone relish the thought of spending the rest of their day in soaking wet training shoes?  Nope, we didn't care for it much either! If you are particularly attached to your footwear it might also be a good idea to take a pair of flip flops in your bag to throw on before the water rides! Primark sell flip flops for 90p so you could even bin them afterwards without regret! Either way, plan to head to Jurassic Park, Bluto's and Dudley Do Right just before you leave the park. Spare yourself a full day of discomfort!  

2. Eat lunch early: By 'early' we mean around 11.30am. This is when the eateries are still reasonably quiet and you'll be able to eat in relative peace before the noisy crowds arrive. We love to hit Mel's for chilli cheese fries and a burger around this time and it's so easy to find a seat. Plus, their chilli cheese fries are EVERYTHING!
Universal Orlando Resort Top Tips

3. To Express or not to Express: that is the question! Many years ago we always purchased Express Passes, however, they were much less expensive then. So the answer is, it depends on whether Express Passes are within your budget. If they are then GO FOR IT! If not then there are ways to minimise your wait by being a little bit clever.
  • Get there early or stay late - crowds (and therefore wait times) tend to be smaller first or last thing so try to hit the most popular rides as soon as the park opens or just before closing.
  • Use single rider - Single rider can be a life saver if you desperately want to experience an attraction but don't want to wait too long. Bear in mind that you will NOT be with your friend/family member so don't expect them to put you together when you get to the front of the line! (obvious but you'll be surprised how many people do think this!)
  • One other way to minimise your wait is..... 
Universal Orlando Resort Top Tips
Some of the sites of Diagon Alley
4. Stay Onsite: If you stay onsite at one of the following Universal Hotels you will also have the benefit of complimentary Universal Express Passes. 
  • Hard Rock Hotel
  • Portofino Bay
  • Royal Pacific Resort
Universal Orlando Hotels Top Tips
Clockwise from top: Portofino Bay, Hard Rock, Royal Pacific

All of the Universal Hotels have the benefit of EARLY PARK ACCESS to selected attractions which is another great way to cut down your wait times. The remaining hotels all have the same early access but unfortunately no Express pass:
  • Cabana Bay Beach Resort
  • Sapphire Falls 
  • Aventura Hotel
Universal Orlando Hotels Top Tips
Clockwise from top: Cabana Bay, Aventura, Sapphire Falls

5. Take In Your Surroundings: We have definitely been guilty in the past of racing from attraction to attraction and not even pausing for a minute to take in the detail and atmosphere of our surroundings. This is such a shame as there is so much to see! There are so many small details you will notice if you just pause, sit down and look around you. Wander around Diagon Alley and look at the details the creative team have included in all of the windows. Walk around the New York and Hollywood areas and take in the store fronts (google the names to learn some amazing facts about classic Universal movie history!). You are missing so many amazing and intricate details so take a moment to pause between rides and enjoy the scenery!

Universal Orlando Resort Magic Club
The Magic Club Facade from Desperately Seeking Susan & Maryanne's Boutique and Dress Making doorway in the Hollywood area

We hope that you have enjoyed some of our tops tips and enjoy your holiday at Universal Orlando Resort! Be sure to check out our other Orlando posts. We also have lots of Orlando Vlogs on our YouTube channel Elle and Mimi!

Until next time!

Love Elle and Mimi x  


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