Monday, December 11, 2017

Primark Harry Potter Haul - December 2017

If you are a watcher of our YouTube channel you will know all about our love of all things Harry Potter! Primark have been killing it this year with their Harry Potter merchandise and on a recent visit to their Newcastle store I couldn't resist picking up a few Potter themed items!

The first thing that caught my eye was this super cute Harry Potter mug for just £6! I already own the 'Don't Let The Muggles Get You Down' mug which has pride of place on my desk at work but this was a new discovery for me. Its way too cute to use so I may have to display it somewhere instead! 

Primark Harry Potter Mug

My absolute favourite find was this gorgeous bag. It was £12 which is a little up there as far as Primark prices go but I couldn't resist picking it up. It is black and gold with a pretty gold chain that can be worn over the shoulder if you get tired of carrying it as a clutch. It's really great quality and I just know that Mimi will stealing it and taking it back to Orlando with her after she visits next year!

Primark Harry Potter Bag

I also found some great bedding, my favourite of which was this duvet set for £22. I bought the king size but they stock them in double and single too.

Primark Harry Potter Duvet Set

It will go perfectly with these TWO throws! Yes, I'm almost embarrassed to say that I bought two. I picked up the first one that was only £6 and then as I was leaving the store the larger one caught my eye for £13. I just had to have them both. They will come in very handy for snuggling on the sofa these cold winter evenings.

Primark Harry Potter Throw

Mimi and her husband Andy are coming to England to visit in early February and it will still be pretty cold so I bought him these socks and a nice warm Platform 9 3/4 hat to keep his feet and ears warm during the cold British winter!

Primark Harry Potter Socks

Primark Harry Potter Hat

I also thought that he might like these pyjamas so I picked up a pair to put away for him until they visit next year. 

Primark Harry Potter Pyjamas

I spotted these slipper socks and bought two pairs, one for me and one for Mimi. Not only are they perfect to wear around the house we also like to wear slipper socks during long haul flights! These will definitely be in my carry on when I fly to Orlando in May!

Primark Harry Potter Slippers

Finally I saw these gorgeous makeup brushes! Although not officially 'Harry Potter' they are definitely inspired by all of the official merchandise in store and for £10 they will make a great stocking filler for a Harry Potter fan!

Primark Harry Potter Makeup Brushes

So that's it! I am so happy with all of my purchases and there are also a few other things I have my eye on that have yet to appear in my local Primark store! If you'd like to see these purchases, among other things, in action then take a look at our YouTube channel where you will find my December Primark Haul. I'll pop a link below!

Have you bought any of the Harry Potter Primark goodies? What is your favourite? 

Love Elle x 

Primark Harry Potter Haul


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