Sunday, August 28, 2016

Primark PS...Pro Beauty Sponges

Primark PS Pro

When we saw that Primark had released some new beauty sponges we couldn't wait to put them to the test! As die hard fans of the original Beauty Blender we are naturally sceptical of anything that claims to be a cheaper alternative as we have tried a few 'dupes' in the past and they have failed the test! However we had an open mind and selected a few different styles of sponges to try out and review, some from the regular PS.. range and some from the PS...Pro range. As suspected the PS...Pro sponges fared much better in our test.

The double pack of PS... sponges were a big disappointment. They are way too firm and don't expand at all when you rinse them under water. This means that they are not very successful at blending in foundation or concealer! They are only £1.50 for a pack of two so they didn't break the bank but we won't be purchasing them again.

The PS...Pro sponges however are pretty life changing! The two large sponges are only £2 each offering amazing value for money! We have found ourselves reaching for the the blue angled sponge most often as it has a better shape for applying foundation or concealer and we have to say that it is the best dupe for the Beauty Blender we have tried to date! (this includes dupes from other ranges such as Real Techniques etc)
Primark PS Pro

We have both been tempted in the past by the Micro Mini Beauty Blenders but at £13.50 for a pack of two have been put off by the price. Therefore we jumped at the chance to try the Primark versions and they have also been fantastic! They are great for seamlessly blending concealer under the eyes and around the nose and at just £2.50 for a box of 4 they are a steal!
Overall if you are able to grab the PS...Pro sponges we would both 100% recommend them. However, the basic PS... range did not deliver for us so we would advise that you leave them on the shelf and spend a couple of extra pounds on the PS..Pro range instead! You won't regret it!
After the fantastic Primark Oval Blending Brush (review here) and now the PS...Pro sponges we are excited to see what Primark so next!
Love Elle and Mimi x
Have you tried any of the Primark Brushes or Sponges? What are your thoughts?


  1. I so wish my local primark stocked the pro range! my nearest store is ages away to find them :( sucks!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. We're pretty lucky as we have a couple of HUGE Primarks close to us in Newcastle and Metro Centre. They both tend to have great stock. Definitely sucks not to have a great big Primark close by! xx

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