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L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay - Review

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Review
L-R: Re-Balancing Shampoo, Clay Masque, Re-Balancing Conditioner
As a regular user of L'Oreal Elvive hair products I am always interested to see a new variety hit the shelves. Even more so when it promises '3 refined clays in a hair care range to break the vicious cycle of oily roots & dry ends' Well let me tell you, I was definitely up for that! As a lifelong oily hair girl (didn't we used to call it greasy once upon a time?!) I was probably first in the queue for this range and dying to try it out. The range comes in one of my favourite colours, a bright turquoise blue and the product inside is a similar shade.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Review
Extraordinary Clay Masque
First in the range is the Clay Masque which is a pre-shampoo treatment that you massage into the roots of dry hair prior to washing. Leave for up to 5 minutes and then wash off until the water runs clear. I have never used a 'pre-shampoo' product before (I have possibly been living under a rock as I didn't know that was a 'thing'..?) but it was designed to absorb the excess oil prior to washing. I found it to be thick and ahem, clay like in texture but it did apply quite easily to my roots where I left it for a few minutes before washing out.

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay
Re-Balancing Shampoo
Next for the shampoo which promises 72 hours of purified roots and hydrated ends. The instructions tell you to concentrate the shampoo on the roots and the conditioner on the end so that's exactly what I did! The shampoo lathered well and if you are a user of L'Oreal hair products the smell will be familiar to you. When I rinsed the shampoo off my hair was not tangled but instead felt soft and sleek. 

L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Review
Re-Balancing Conditioner
Moving on to conditioner I applied it from the mid lengths to the ends and massaged in. I always like to leave any conditioner on my hair for a minute or two before rinsing off to let it penetrate and this was no exception. After rinsing my hair it felt super soft and the comb absolutely flew through it!

The following day at work I had FOUR compliments on my hair! Unheard of! It felt clean and soft and I managed to get 2 days without using dry shampoo (I usually have to use it after 1 day)

I've been using this now for 2 weeks and I am a big fan. It leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft and it smells good too! I do like changing up my hair products every so often but this will definitely be in the rotation from now on! After all I'm worth it! ;-)Boots are currently selling a 'bundle' of the Extraordinary Clay range for £10.99 here.

Love Elle x

Have you used the new L'Oreal Extraordinary Clay Range? What are your thoughts?

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