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Writing a Joint Blog - Q&A TAG

We were tagged by sisters Jasmine and Kirsty from the blog Soeurs de Luxe to take part in their new Q&A Tag - Writing a Joint Blog and we were delighted to do it! Look out for links below to some other blogging duos we have tagged! Enjoy!

Q1: What made you want to write a blog together?

Mimi: I started reading blogs around 2009. I used to read a lot of fashion blogs as that was in the "in" thing back then. As I studied photography I liked to look at peoples pictures. I did have a blog which I posted on randomly during my first year at College until I was at University but I didn't take my own pictures. It focused mainly on celebrity style or runway shows that I liked. I always wanted to fully commit to a blog but it always seemed like a lot of work! So sharing out the work load is nice which most bloggers don't have the luxury of doing! After I got Elle into Blogs and YouTube videos we had often discussed starting a blog but it wasn't until the end of 2014 we started to actually take the idea seriously. Then one day we just sat down planned out what we wanted to do! I got onto Photoshop and made a logo and created our blog layout. We thought it would be a good way for us to do something together which involves our common interests especially with me moving away.

Elle: We have always been very close and had a common love of beauty, fashion, travel, books, movies and TV. Once Mimi introduced me to beauty blogs and YouTube channels I was hooked! I started to read a lot of beauty and lifestyle blogs and really enjoyed the content. It was early in 2015 that we started to get serious about blogging together as a way to express our thoughts and opinions. We also felt that as a mother and daughter we had something of a unique outlook from both an age perspective and eventually as residents of different countries (UK and USA). We had a soft launch of our blog in July 2015 and in September after a 2 week holiday we officially launched in earnest with the intention of posting a minimum of once a week to coincide with our day jobs. So we are a very young blog!

Q2: Who does most post writing?

Mimi: Elle is a control freak so she does a lot of the post writing plus she has an office job so she is able to do some post writing on her lunch break. I'm not able to do that in my job. However if the post is my idea or the products are something that only I have used or feel strongly about then I write the post.

Elle: We split it between us; if one of us is more interested or feels more passionately about a topic then they will pick up the writing. Also, some posts we have written in two parts to give our different perspectives e.g. what’s in my travel make up bag. Mimi tends to be a better photographer as she studied it at A Level and she has a good eye but I am learning! I like to think the writing is more my forte! She is also better with the blog design as she understands the technical stuff!

Q3: Is it easier generating content when there's two of you?

Mimi: I think it probably is because we both might be attracted to different products. It tends to mean that we are trying out more things than if I was going it alone because I might not have picked up a specific product

Elle: It’s difficult to say having never been a lone blogger! However, it is great to have someone to bounce ideas off and to edit/proof read each other. We often sit in a local coffee shop with a note pad and discuss and plan content for the blog. It fun to be able to do this as it makes blogging (which I imagine can be quite an isolating job if you do it alone) a much more social affair.

Q4: Who does what with social media, who are we talking to each day?

Mimi: We both do a bit of social media depending on the day. I often have days off work during the week so I will Instagram etc while Elle is a work and the same for her with me! Although Elle does a lot more Tweeting than me! I am more of an Instagram girl!

Elle: Again we tend to share responsibilities. We don’t tend to take sole responsibility for anything as we both like to dabble to keep it interesting. I think if you look at our Instagram pics you will probably be able to tell who posted what as Mimi tends to be a bit more artistic than me!

Q5: If you're gifted anything or approached by brands, who gets first dibs?

Mimi: Luckily we live together so no arguments! When we live apart I guess whoever gets their address to the brand the fastest haha! Also it depends what the product is as something might be more suited to Elle and I might not be too bothered so she can have it instead.

Elle: As we live together now we share everything but when we are in different counties we may argue about this more!

Q6: Do you ever argue about content?

Mimi: We have had disagreements about pictures and editing. I did Photography at A Level and have a degree in Fashion Product and Promotion so I do have a clear style that I like. I have had to try and teach Elle how to use Photoshop to edit images they way I like them to look! However, since we have similar interests we haven't argued about products or blog posts specifically!

Elle: I wouldn’t say ‘argue’ but we definitely have disagreements! The beauty of our relationship is that we can say anything to each other without offence being caused. As a blogging duo you have to have some give and take but we are very open to anything that fits in with our blog theme.

Thanks to the lovely ladies from Soeurs de Luxe for tagging us! You can read their answers here. They have also tagged Fashion Du Jour and Original Minds so pop over to their blogs to have a look at how they answered! If you are a blogging duo feel free to take part and tweet us to let us know! We'd love to see how you work too!

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  1. Fab post ladies! We love that it's a family affair at Elle & Mimi, like it is here at Fashion Du Jour LDN and Soeurs de Luxe 😃 love that you even kept blogging when you were in different countries! Weirdly enough, we also started our blog properly in September. Well done ladies, you are doing an amazing job! Our Q&A is now live on FDJ LDN, so would love for you to stop by!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Nicky and Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

    1. Thoroughly enjoyed your post ladies. Love your blog! xx


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