Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Heart Make Up by Makeup Revolution

As makeup lovers we regularly scour the UK 'drugstores' Boots and Superdrug to sniff out any new releases from the affordable brands and last week was no exception. However, as we entered our local Superdrug store a brand new display stand practically smacked us in the face! This stand was I Heart Makeup by Makeup Revolution and we are ashamed to admit that we had not heard of this offshoot of Makeup Revolution until that day (bad beauty bloggers!).

L-R: Death by Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, I Heart Chocolate

It was initially the Chocolate Palettes that drew us in (Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette dupe anyone?!) but once we started to swatch we found many other little treasures that we wanted to try. Sadly one of the beautiful Chocolate palettes, the pink one, was not available but a helpful Superdrug employee explained that they had just gotten the display instore but all of the products had not been delivered yet. We picked up the three available Chocolate palettes; Death By Chocolate, Naked Chocolate and I Heart Chocolate and continued swatching for other items we thought we would like. We have spent some time playing with the beautiful coloured shadows in the chocolate palettes are we have been very pleasantly surprised by the excellent pigmentation of the shadows and at how easy they are to blend. They also have great staying power and are still going strong after a full day at work. Furthermore, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that they smell like a delicious bar of chocolate!

L-R: Death by Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, I Heart Chocolate 
Death by Chocolate

The next thing that attracted us was the Lip Lava (Too Faced Melted dupe anyone?!) We picked up Tremor, Unleash and Shockwave. Lip Lava are liquid lipsticks in a squeezable tube for £2.99 - yes you heard right £2.99! They are described as an 'intense lipstick formula, melted to create our most impactful gloss' and after wearing Tremor all day from 7.30am til 7pm Elle can definitely vouch for it's staying power!. As owners of Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick we can safely say that it is difficult to see any difference in the two formulas - apart from the £12 price difference of course!

Top to Bottom: Unleash, Shockwave, Tremor

L-R: Tremor, Shockwave, Unleash

The packaging on the I Heart Blush was too good to pass up so we selected the shade Blushing Hearts Blusher (Too Faced Sweethearts Blush dupe? - this is getting predictable!!) Admittedly we did not have high hopes for this blush as some of them swatched a little chalky. The Blushing Hearts Blush is a triple shade baked blush and despite our low expectations the pigment is great and it is still visible on the cheeks 10 hours after application! At £4.99 it's a steal when compared to the Too Faced product which sells for £21! 

Blushing Hearts

There were so many lipsticks on offer that it took us an age to select just one shade to try and review but we eventually settled on the Lip Geek Lipstick in Dare to be Different which is a brownish nude shade perfect for Autumn. We are definitely going to get some more shades of this fab lipstick as it has proven to be long wearing and very comfortable on the lips.  

Once we got home we couldn't wait to photograph the products so we could start using them! We fought over who would be first to use the Chocolate palettes and were spoilt for choice when selecting which lip product we wanted to try first!

We are so impressed with the I Heart Makeup selection and the affordability is hard to beat! You can guarantee that we will be picking up more of the products when we are in Superdrug next! We will keep you posted!

I Heart Makeup by Makeup Revolution is available in selected Superdrug stores and on as well as direct from Makeup Revolution website now.

A selection of the products we picked up!

Have you tried any of the I Heart Makeup products? Which are your favourites? We would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below.

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